ESS Solution

Reference Sites of LG Chem’s Energy Storage System(ESS)


LG Chem is one of the leading ESS suppliers working with utilities and clients in diverse markets around the world.

3.8GWh (As of December, 2017) World-leading Grid-scale ESS supplier with experience and proven reference projects

* Cumulative amount of installed/awarded projects

Europe Case
Steag, 140MWh in Germany
Purpose : Frequency Regulation
Project Size : 90MW / 140MWh
3 power generators Including Bexbach
(North Rhine-Westphalia)
3 power generators Including Lünen

Solution : Energy Storage Container
(PCS+BAT, 1.5MW/2.33MWh) X 2EA

20MWh in France
Purpose : Renewable Integration & Multi Purpose
Project Size : 10MW / 20MWh
Corsica Island Olmo Solar Farm
ESS Building
USA Case
SCE(Southern California Edison), 32MWh in USA
Purpose : Multiple Purpose Including Renewable Integration on a utility T&D system
Project Size : 8MW / 32MWh
ESS Site
ESS Building
9MWh in USA
Purpose : PJM ISO Frequency Regulation
Project Size : 20MW / 9MWh
Illinois LeeDekalb Substation
ESS Container
South Korea Case
GS, 50.4MWh in South Korea
Purpose : Young-yang Wind Farm Renewable Integration
Project Size : 16.8MW / 50.4MWh
Wind Farm Area 200,000m2
EESS Area 1,300m2
LG Chem Iksan Factory, 23MWh in South Korea
Purpose : Peak Shifting for Electricity Cost Saving
Project Size : 3MW / 23MWh
Iksan ESS Building
ESS Rack System