Benefits of

When resellers - who purchased LG Chem ESS(Energy Storage System) battery and installed it in an end-user household - register the sales records
through this web portal, predefined points will be accumulated.

As points are accumulated, resellers will gain access to promotional materials.
Furthermore, if the accumulated points are over a certain level, your membership level will be upgraded. The higher the membership level,
the more benefits you will enjoy.

Membership Point

  • Step 1
    According to sales performance,
    membership levels are granted.
    The higher you membership level,
    the more membership benefits
    you can access.
  • Step 2
    Log-in to
    and register the serial number
    of the installed product.
    Register S/N
  • Step 3
    Points are accredited
  • Step 4
    Check out the benefits
    you can get from your points.

Membership level benefits

According to sales performance, membership levels are granted. The higher your level is, the more the various membership benefits you can enjoy.
Accumulated points by model


Solution Type Model Energy
Point (P)
Point (P)
Residential RESU6.4EX Expansion Pack 3.2 3.2 0.3
Residential RESU3.3 3.3 3.3 0.3
Residential RESU6.4EX Main Pack 6.4 6.4 0.6
Residential RESU6.5 6.5 6.5 0.6
Residential RESU7H(Type-C) 7.0 10 1
Residential RESU10 9.8 10 1
Residential RESU7H(Type-R) 7.0 10 1
Residential RESU13 13.1 11 1.1
Residential RESU10H(Type-R)_Expansion 9.8 11 1.1
Residential RESU10H(Type-C) 9.8 11 1.1
Residential RESU10H(Type-R) 9.8 11 1.1

※ Models not included in the above table will not accumulate points.

※ Point policy and models are subject to change depending on the circumstance of the company.